Indigenous Initiatives

UPDATE: Indigenous Initiatives Available Online!

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and in support of both federal, provincial, and municipal advisories to help mitigate the spread of the virus, Indigenous Initiatives will not be offering in-person appointments. The office will remain closed until further notice. While the office remains closed, the Indigenous Initiatives team will still be available to answer all of your questions by email at The Indigenous Initiatives team is committed to providing the same level of service throughout this time, and remains readily available by email to address any concerns you may have.

Biindigen Welcome! Click the links below for more information about how to get involved, access services, learn more about Indigenous programs and courses, and where to attend events near you. If you have any questions or need a space that feels like home, you are welcome to drop by any of our locations and talk to our team. 

Inspiring Indigenous Scholars

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